Prolozone Therapy Scam

Prolozone Therapy is a non-surgical procedure to reduce or treat pain with the use of oxygen. It helps the body to naturally increase its healing capabilities. This technique was developed and started by Dr. Frank Shallenberger. It uses no surgery and injection alone can help repair the damaged connective tissues. That is all that is needed to permanently remove the pain.


Prolozone comes from ozone and the Latin word “prolix” meaning to increase in number or proliferate, reconstruct, re-grow, and rebuild. In short, this treatment uses ozone to regenerate ligaments and cartilages that have become weak or damaged. It is best used with all forms of bone, muscle, and joint pain including chronic neck and back pain, injuries in the joint, degenerative and arthritic discs hips and knees, and shoulder and elbow pain.


Ligaments are tough, flexible bands (connective tissues) that hold bones, joints or cartilages together.  Cartilages on the other hand are connective tissues found in various forms and parts of the body but more widespread in articulating surfaces of the joint and infant skeletons replaced by bone during growth.


When these connective tissues become weak, loosened or damaged, it causes fewer nutrients to reach them thereby causing strain on the joints they are supposed to be holding to. These ligaments become weak as a result of injury, excessive surgery, lack of nutrients and circulation, inflammation and the usual “wear and tear” process of aging. Since ligaments serve as “shock absorbers” to bones and joints, once they become injured, it will no longer tighten or regain its usual strength and elasticity. It will take a longer time to heal or in severe cases, may result in pain, chronic diseases such as arthritis in bones, discs, and joints.


Prolozone Therapy when injected works by increasing blood supply and distribution of nutrients. The reactive molecules will enhance healing process and increase oxygen and nutrients for formation of new tissues and healing.


This treatment helps relieve shoulder, back and neck pain; osteoarthritis; arthritic joints, tennis elbow; sports injuries; carpal tunnel syndrome, plantar fasciitis; and sprains and strains. This is usually pain-free and can give immediate relief though healing varies for every individual and with the severity of damage. As per studies and research, it is safe to use without side effect and without need for recovery. It immediately helps relieve pain and helps rebuild injured and damaged tissues. It is also said to improve overall health.


Prolozone Therapy is a safe and natural treatment which provides for fast healing and permanent treatment. Consult your physician before undergoing this therapy and make sure they are well-trained and certified.





This material is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should not be relied as  medical advice. Always consult your doctor before taking any medication or supplements.





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